AI for
Cell Therapy

building best-in-class cell therapies through automation & computation

The new generation of
Chimeric Antigen Receptors

At, we use an AI-first approach to design new CARs, combined with our high-throughput screening platform to discover best-in-class CARs to power the cell therapy revolution.


Our ultimate goal is to provide curative therapeutics to as many patients as possible.

Discover Faster

Our streamlined development approach allows for comprehensive discovery of novel CARs in three months time.

AI powered

Machine Learning  accelerates our discovery process by selecting best-in-class lead candidates for your target.

Build & Test

Our automated high-throughput wet-lab platform tests and optimises every domain of the CAR systematically and can assess thousands of CARs for functionality to identify best-in-class performers.


We are continuously looking for partners who would like to bring their CAR-based therapeutics to the next level.  Our aim is to provide our partners with the best receptors to ensure successful clinical outcome.



Simon Bornschein, PhD

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Simon has a PhD in Immuno-Oncology and is an expert in Cell Therapy and the development of new and innovative CAR therapies. Previously he worked at Celyad  Oncology and Quell Therapeutics to bring new CARs to the clinic.


Yulia Lampi, PhD

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Yulia is a synthetic biologist at heart and an expert in  genome engineering and Molecular Biology. She holds a PhD from the University of Leuven and previously worked with Aelin Therapeutics and Quell Therapeutics.


Jon Lees, PhD

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Jon is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He developed multiple tools for Machine Learning approaches to protein challenges, such as function prediction and protein engineering.

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