Modular therapies engineered for immune activation

We build best-in-class immunotherapies for cancer patients by testing millions of candidates to find the best therapies.

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Today, immunotherapies require trade offs between speed, cost, and quality

It's difficult to predict clinical efficacy today. Development is done at low throughput at great expense, while patients wait. Most developers focus on protein binding, not immune response.


Screening and testing millions of candidates directly in cells

We screen millions of candidates in living cells, rapidly generating and testing vast libraries of modular proteins to see which designs best induce an immune response.

Screening at scale produces previously inaccessible data that fuels our ML platform to identify optimal therapy designs – beyond just binding.


Designing better therapies with generative modeling

Our ML platform analyzes protein structures to find patterns impacting the quality of therapies, then iterates across designs to maximize performance.

Connecting data from different disease states improves our grasp of the immune system, strengthening decisions across projects.

Data + ML = Better Faster Immunotherapies

Engineering for immune activation with unequaled speed

Screening and engineering at scale helps us build best-in-class therapies in only months, so partners can move faster to the clinic.

Coding Bio

Medicines reach patients much faster, with a better chance of curing disease.

Meet the Coding Bio team

Simon Bornschein

Simon Bornschein

Co-founder, CEO

Simon has a PhD in Immuno-Oncology and is an expert in Cell Therapy and the development of new and innovative CAR therapies. Previously he worked at Celyad, developing novel anti-cancer CAR therapies, and Quell Therapeutics, focusing on engineering immunosuppressive cells to prevent autoimmune diseases.

Yulia Lampi

Yulia Lampi

Co-Founder, CSO

Yulia holds a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, and has a wide range of cell therapy and industry experience. Her prior work with Aelin Therapeutics and Quell Therapeutics inspired her to co-found Coding Bio.

Nils Hammerla

Nils Hammerla


Nils holds a PhD in Computer Science and has 15 years of experience in applying ML across a wide range of applications from computer vision to recommendation systems. Previously he has been leading ML research teams at Twitter and Babylon Health.

About Coding Bio

We’ve merged biology and computer science to build a model of the immune system and engineer lifesaving therapies.

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Join Coding Bio and help deliver the next generation of personalized therapies to patients. We are looking for computational and scientific professionals at every career stage who can help us build best-in-class modular protein therapies.